FREE NASCAR DFS Kansas Cup Series Cheatsheet, Projections and Core 4

Welcome to my content for today’s Cup Series race from Kansas. The season is winding down and after today’s race there will only be one more race to set the final four for the championship race at Phoenix. Will anyone new lock themselves into the final four? Who’s championship dreams will be shattered? Should be a lot of fun once we get going today, could even end up finishing under the lights with the potential for a rain delay. On top of all that, we have an opportunity try to make a little green, what more can you ask for? This is another somewhat abbreviated article from me, losing motivation to sit and write for hours this deep into the season, especially with football in full swing and most of you just wanting the picks anyway. So here is my Cheatsheet, projections, and core 4, along with some line up notes around the core 4. Good Luck today!


Below is my Cheatsheet for today’s Cup Series race from Kansas. I have included data from the 5 most recent races in the 550 hp package, as well as the last 3 Kansas races. Texas last week provides a recent indicator on who should be fast today. Guys in green are guys I like today, but I also included my projections to help you find pivots if your building multiple line ups in GPP.

Core 4

At this point with how dominate Larson has been on 1.5’s this season you almost have to play it like he’s going to score at least 50 Dom points. This really caps the ceiling of the other potential dominators on the slate. At the Kansas race earlier this season Larson scored 63 Dom points. This resulted in the second Dom only scoring 26, and the 3rd and 4th only scoring 14 and 12 Dom points. This makes it hard for me to justify paying up for another guy over $10k alongside Larson. Today those type of plays make more sense in line ups that fade Larson. That’s why I really like pairing Larson with his teammate Byron today who is only $9500. At this price tag he can come in with one of those 12-14 Dom point performances and pay off nicely with a Top 5 finish, he’s been really fast on the 1.5’s as well.

From there I chose Reddick. Reddick and this 8 car have been on a great run on these 1.5’s and Kansas sets up as another track that fits his driving style. He’s finished inside the Top 10 in 5 straight 1.5 mile races, while averaging 7+ Dom points per race. I went back and forth with going Bowman here in my build instead of Reddick. He’s another guy that has a ton of upside, but his comes from his PD potential. We all know how great HMS has been on the 1.5’s and Bowman has had his fair share of solid runs on them, as well as some bad luck. Top 10 should be expected out of this team, and always the upside for well past that. Personally, I didn’t like the rest of my build when cramming Bowman in over Reddick, but you can make it work if you don’t mind playing Preece.

Matty D might be a shock to you in my core from P15. But he has been great on 1.5’s this season and we get him at a discount. He’s down $600 from last weeks price tag and he’s starting 2 positions further back than last week. Not like he had a bad week either, he finished a modest 13th, which was his worse finish on a 1.5 in his last 4 starts. Kansas is also a track that team Penske runs great at, which worked out well for Matty D here in the spring with his 4th place finish.

To finish my build off, in SE/Cash I went balanced with the remaining $13,600. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t mind Preece if you want to take the savings with his salary, I don’t think he will kill you from his starting position. He’s gonna be the obvious go to option for everyone looking for a driver below $6k, it’s basically him starting 32nd, Lajoie starting 23rd, and a bunch of bums . So mega chalk likely. Preece has not finished better than P25 in 6 straight 1.5 mile races. His upside is vastly limited in comparison to some guys priced just above him. I opted on constructing to get those higher upside plays in that range over him.

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